The SAM, the reinvented doggy bag!

Virginie VOELTZEL et le SAM, le premier doggy bag consigné

It's a whole concept

SAM (Sac à Manger) is the name given to our connected doggy bag in restaurants. It is part of a complete range of returnable bags. Large formats for Drive and small for caterers.

Virginie VOELTZEL et le SAM, le premier doggy bag consigné
Le Grand SAM, le sac conçu pour le click and collect

The large SAM, a maximum size for click and collect

We have also designed a larger version that will adapt perfectly to click and collect use in participating restaurants.

Help the planet, don't throw away anymore

Our doggy bags are 80% recycled. They are made from sun visor scraps. Made of bubble film, they are very resistant to shocks, you can reuse them without fear.

An app to end the waste

Assign a doggy bag to your profile, view compatible restaurants, earn loyalty points and more. Our free app is the perfect companion for your eco-friendly bag.

Personalized bags in your brand

Our doggy bags, yes, but in the colors of your business ! ISR is the turnkey solution to provide your customers with quality service and improve your loyalty. It is also and above all a very nice ecological gesture.