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The doggy bag is the perfect way to fight against food waste. 

Our range of returnable bags


Our standard doggy bag, perfect for restaurants.

Dimensions (cm) :


Price of the deposit: 

3 €

Le Grand SAM

The returnable bag designed for click and collect in a max.

Dimensions (cm) :


Price of the deposit: 

5 €

Custom made

You are interested in our returnable bags but you have specific needs? We also offer tailor-made bags. We are here to listen to you and will respond to you as soon as possible.

The technologies of our bags

Reusable and therefore returnable!

Reusable bag that resists shock thanks to bubble film.

Thermal insulation

Reduced risk of food poisoning.
Maintaining food quality hot or cold +30min.

European manufacturing

En France lorsqu’un plastique
contient + de 2 composants il est brûlé. Pas chez nos amis europééen.

80 % recycled

Metallized PET laminated with PE + LDPE (sunshade scraps).
Water-based ink

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