Il a le chic pour
sauver la planète

A rewarded ecological act

Offer the user, in exchange for their positive action, points that they will transform into discounts or gifts. This system promotes reuse and multiplies ecological actions! Choose the items and discounts you want to offer.

The Podium of the best anti-wastemaker of the month

The podium presents itself as a real ecological challenge. The employee can win cruises, dinners, eco-responsible items and so much more.

A dashboard to manage everything

He can do anything. View your terminals, manage gifts for the Podium as well as discounts or gifts from the loyalty program. Create environmental impact reports and more... Enjoy unlimited administrators.

An online CSR Report thanks to traceability!

With our solution, you can generate an environmental impact report. It's practical for measuring and demonstrating the ecological involvement of our territory!

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